Saturday, December 19, 2009

Guerlain Limited Edition Mon Precious Nectar Fountain Imperiale

One of the most extravagant perfume bottles available is the Limited Edition Mon Precious Nectar Fountain Imperiale. The fountain contains a a full liter of perfume so that you can refill your perfume bottle whenever you would like. The crystal fountain is designed like a column and a honeybee, the emblem of Guerlain, was engraved in the center of the stopper. The bottle contains "Precieux Nectar", a new perfume that is a subtly fruity, musky floral. It sells for $9,000.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The RK Signature Chandelier Collection-The Celebration Series

The Artist-Robert Kaindl:
The RK Signature Chandelier Collection entitled The Celebration Series is at once modern and classic. Robert is inspired by nature and the classic Murano (Italy) Glass blowing techniques while infusing his own edgy yet organic style.
All of Robert's creations are custom, each piece is hand blown by Robert and his team in his state of the art facility in Redmond Washington. From concept to completion, Robert designs and installs all of his Artwork.

John Boyett's Glass Work

John Boyett
Originally from Dade City, Florida, John Boyett traveled the world in the US Air Force and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree fromFlorida International University. He was a member of the University of Miami Glass Blowing Guild, studied at Penland School of Craft, and worked at Studio Glashutten in Ahus, Sweden and at Hale Farm and Village in Akron, Ohio before cofounding Akron Glass Works with Jack Baker.
John's work is a reflection of his life... whimsical and frequently unpredictable. Influenced by bright color combinations found in tropical plants and unusual forms in saltwater creatures, his work is often comprised of conventional forms with unexpected adornments.

Jack Baker's Glass Work

Jack Baker
Akron area businessman, Jack Baker was inspired by a trip to Seattle, Washington, to try the art of glassblowing. He honed his craft at Steinert Glass School in Kent, Ohio where he collaborated with the area's best craftsmen. It is where he met artist John Boyett.
Baker spearheaded four exhibitions of fine art glass at the neighboring Millworks Gallery and exposed the area to several talented local glass artists. His love of glass soon expanded into a business when he and John Boyett co-founded Akron Glass Works. It shares space with Architectural Greenery, Inc. Baker's interior plantscaping business of over 30 years. The two businesses blend together in a unique combination of plants and art. You can recognize inspiration from tropical and natural forms in both Baker's and Boyett's glass work.

"Bottles Of Art" in Pink & Blue